Process Mineralogy Laboratory

Betachem (Pty Ltd operates a mineral processing laboratory at the Driemanskap premises in South Africa. The aim of the laboratory is to support the design, development and production of mining chemicals and mineral processes” aim of the company. The following serviced are offered to our clients:

  • Mineral identification and quantification by automated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA) software.
  • PGM and Gold particle search by SEM and MLA software.
  • Gold characterisation by Diagnostic leach.
  • Mineral identification and quantification by XRD.
  • Mineral association and liberation studies by SEM and MLA software.
  • Laboratory scale, batch flotation tests.
  • Pilot plant test projects using the Betachem mobile floatation pilot plant.
  • Reagent suite development work.
  • Flocculation and filtration tests.
  • Frother and depressant scoping work using the Bikerman froth stability method.
  • Reagent quality tests: gas chromatograph, micro distillation, viscosity, density, flash point, xanthate activity by titration, xanthate activity and type by GC, CMC purity, CMC moisture and CMC degree of substitution.
  • Site trouble shooting and benchmarking assistance: residence time, air flow rate, release analysis, particle floatability, water quality, froth stability, value mineral lost to tails mineral analysis, gangue to concentrate mineral analysis.

The products we supply is supported with several services Betachem (Pty) Ltd offers.  These includes;  quality assurance laboratory support service, process mineralogy support service, transport, storage and logistic support service, stock management support service and technical support and training services.

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